Greetings Classy People,

TASSI echoes in the ears of each person familiar with fashion in Morocco.
Karim Tassi is a fashion designer who took baby steps by founding his first creations in Casablanca, followed by twenty years of experience in Paris towards launching his sewing workshop in Marrakesh.

Karim voices that Morocco has a textile industry but no Fashion.
In the past, there were more initiatives, but today investors are heading towards franchising.
Lack of audacity and commitment, manufacturers, consumers, and shops still rely on the phenomena of brands to exist.

The absence of people aware of fashion being an artistic field instead of a business results the ignorance of investing in fast fashion instead of fashion designers.
Karim explains that Moroccans are moving towards functional clothing, a certain uniformity for practical reasons, traveling for example, without forgetting the opposite extreme who believes luxury has no limits!

People wearing items from fast fashion look alike, and people wearing a designer’s piece own a style. Karim adds that a dress code is a way of expression, reflecting the psychological state of our society, and it has always been so across cultures and traditions.

Choosing to settle in Marrakesh instead of Paris seemed natural and obvious to Karim. Back to his Moroccan roots, close to artisans and all the Moroccan craft components.
He has the will to honor fashion in Morocco despite the propagation of fast fashion.

Karim believes imagination is endless, so he could bounce umpteenth times updating a Saroual or a t-shirt.

“ I love everything when it’s well done.”

Karim formulating this sentence while talking about his favorite clothing pieces.
He has a weakness for the tailored jacket because of its architectural build. It’s a piece that suits both women and men, plus gifts notable confidence!
The Moroccan touch in Karim’s creations is not only preserved but reinvented like a flavor that we appreciate without getting tired.
He articulates that it is part of his history, therefore, his DNA. Inseparable!

When we discuss Karim’s favorites, we must bring up the Selham!
Apart from being an astonishing traditional Moroccan piece, it is a unisex symbol of class and comfort. It can also protect from the cold, the rain, and the sun. Classifying it among indoor or outdoor garments, Selham is usually embroidered by hand or not at all, and it can be short or long.
An elegant adaptable piece for both winter and summer, he considers it as the foundation of all the sensations, so exceptional.
Conversing about a unisex piece led the conversation to the trend of unisex clothes. Karim thinks globalization is becoming clear where humans from different cultures are searching for well-being, like healthy food and yoga, there is the fact of dressing comfortably, and unisex clothes are usually comfortable.

A final precious pointer to add as the cherry on the cake, TASSI is not only a source of fashion but a contact of tenderness in Moroccan social work. The company sets a budget to invest in the education and excursions of orphan children. The fulfillment of children guides us towards a better future.


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