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Having promoted, developed, and owned properties and projects in Spain, France, Qatar, Mexico, and Morocco, Frederic Alaime is a visionary hospitality designer known within the touristic field for his unusual concepts and innovative sustainable assignments.
Lost in Agafay while riding a horse is how Frederic found a deserted site. The place wasn’t easily accessible at the time and offered a limited infrastructure.
Enchanted by his discovery and totally in love with the landscape of Agafay, Frederic decided to share this raw gem with a select few and develop a new concept of a hotel under the name of LA PAUSE.

Travelers in search of relaxation and peace are looking for an extraordinary sur-measure experience not far from the city yet distant enough from the hustle and bustle of the busy street and alleys of Marrakech.
LA PAUSE is not only hidden enough to offer a total disconnect but 30 mins close to Marrakech by car in case the guests want to go shopping in the souks or enjoy a meal in the city.

La Pause is the pioneer project in the region and is the sole property located in an oasis in the Agafay desert. The site itself sets La Pause apart from all the others that followed its footsteps.
Despite being in an area of constant digital exposure, La Pause has maintained its conscious of not marketing the lodge at all to the mass market. The property refrains from exhibiting itself at any trade fairs or opening the site to mass tourism. One could confidently say that La Pause owes its client fidelity 90% on word-of-mouth advertising that the guests do. Having such values help to maintain the refinement of LA PAUSE while only attracting people who cherish and enjoy this experience.

In addition to the traditional Moroccan touristic activities such as swimming pools, camel rides, quad, and buggy biking, LA PAUSE suggests par-excellence dining and lodging experiences, the cross golf located in the river bed, astronomy classes, falcon shows, yoga workshops, sidecar rides, and helicopter tours.

Guests staying at LA PAUSE get the chance to understand the warmth and generosity of the local inhabitants of the region. Choosing Agafay presents an ideal location to be part of the social and economic development of the local community.

La Pause is not only opening a social niche by employing the inhabitants of the region, but it also helps in building schools and getting the basic amenities such as running water and electricity to the nearby village.
La Pause also organizes bi-annual marathons and events to raise funds for Non-Governmental Organisations working for the causes of education for children and the protection of orphans.
La Pause is engaged in the life of its employees hired from the nearby villages by providing them training, work, and ease of access to education for their children.


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