Hello Classy People,

We introduced her to our Classy Addiction community months ago, and you liked everything about her.
She is one of the finest artists in Morocco and a rising star worldwide.
Committed to her comics despite the lockdown, Zainab Fasiki had a chat with me about several points concerning the situation.

Classy Addiction determined to be PERSONAL WITH ZAINAB because she is such an inspiring human being, she follows her heart, and works on her believes transparently.


Are your Days similar while staying at home?
As I always work from home, unless I have a trip abroad, I feel like I am used to staying on my desk drawing and writing.
I actually work on my next comic book every day, it will be published next year. So, I am so happy about it.

What can you say about the Coronavirus situation?
We have no idea how this disease started, but we all know that it is dangerous and we must be all united as humans to win this battle.
But in another perspective, modern life was not going well for humans and for nature before the virus.
I hope that all countries can learn a lesson from this, so we can all live in a bright future that unites nature and humans in peace.

Will you still be the same person as before the lockdown?


My job is traveling to speak about women who can’t speak, to meet many people per day, to touch things around the world daily such as books, and visiting places such as museums.
After this, all of us, artists will keep suffering financially in the cultural field without knowing how international transports will take up from where they left.
So even next to this, we should all keep our precautions and hope the financial crisis won’t hurt more people.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lockdown regarding your professional activities?

Advantages: I finally have time to focus on my next comic book. I was so worried about it while following my crazy schedule.
I didn’t know how to manage, write, and draw more than 150 pages for next year.
Now, I give more time to myself, reading books, and learning new things every day.
Disadvantages: Many events and trips were reported to next year. The book and artwork sales decreased a lot, so many artists right now are suffering from no help.
As an artist, stability did not exist even before the virus, so right now, it is just worse.
I hope these financial problems can be solved because being an artist was always difficult, and the pandemic makes it graver.


What are the top 3 things you miss from the previous lifestyle?
I miss my family, we are in different cities.
I miss visiting the museums.
I miss discovering books in libraries and book stores.

What did Zainab as a person gain from the lockdown?
I honestly read many books, watch more documentaries, and learn skills that I have never imagined learning in a short time.
I was lost in the busy schedules and trips before the Coronavirus situation, so I was similar to a multifunctional machine, but I finally found myself, and I will from now on keep it this way.


What are the top 3 things you see changing after the coronavirus
The economy, many jobs will vanish, including artistic ones.
The science field will be seen as the most important field to invest in.
Modern life, hopefully, no pollution and no animal torture in the future.

Would you make new decisions if the lockdown lasts until the end of
this year?
I don’t take decisions now because my present and my future are unknown.
I just try to use this situation to do what I was never able to do and to work hard on my next comic book.

What would you say in an open letter to the world during this lockdown?

Dear humanity,
Stay united, stay safe, and never lose hope. We can win the battle and we have heroes who are working hard to save us.
Let’s stay at home and work on ourselves, so we can all start all over again, but with a new vision and many learned lessons.


I want to tell you congratulations on this amazing project, it gives me hope about the new generation.

It gives me hope on the individual rights of women about their bodies and sexuality in the MENA region.

The fact of doing this interview with an artist who breaks some serious taboos in a society that still believes in the Hshouma culture is a brave act.

I appreciate it a lot!

So thank you so much, PEACE AND LOVE for all humanity.





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