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Customer service concerning e-commerce platforms can often be disappointing in our country and bring shame to an entire profession, it is, unfortunately, left out on the side even with the awareness that such service is the foundation of any project.
Believing in universal values ​​that drive and accompany clients to understand their needs and direct them towards appropriate care is one of the several features of PARAFEEL. Here is my personal experience.

Launched by Sarah El Ghazi, with the support of the entrepreneur and co-founder Mehdi Najeddine, they wanted to create an online drugstore as a space that helps people feel liberated under the flag of well-being in all its forms.
The founders wanted to give a revealing name to their project, a name that illustrates this peaceful universe where clients take care of themselves. An ode to Feel Good!

A few days after launching PARAFEEL, people became impressed by the customer service, and each one’s word of mouth was a positive action, satisfied with the entire purchasing process.
Sarah opens up about what Moroccans desire from drug stores. She notices the essential demands for food supplements and Moroccan women’s interest in good deals to discover whatever is new on the market.
The purchasing behavior of Moroccans has completely changed in recent years. They are more selective by wanting the best and nothing less.
An online drug store allows people to take more time to be advised, oriented, and soak up the experiences of others.

PARAFEEL is working on partnerships with several Moroccan brands to reference their products online. As a multi-brand online drugstore, Sarah explains her wish to be a springboard for these Moroccan brands that share values ​​of generosity and well-being.

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