Greetings Classy People,

The back of each clothing piece is a canvas. Yasmine Sidki and Hanane Elhaji’s favorite part is completing the drawings with colors.
They either create their designs or personalize them according to customers. Most of the time, the designs are a representation of Morocco.

Yasmine and Hanane are two friends who decided to quit their jobs and start their own business. They desired to work together on a project connecting painting, fashion, and Moroccan culture. Therefore, BAZARDAGE was born.

Bazardage is a part of Moroccan fashion. Yasmine and Hanane love any piece with the Moroccan touch because it’s outstanding and stylish. They are aware of such facts because they are Moroccans, so their main goal is to widen their feelings to customers in as many countries as possible, to work on launching more points of sale abroad, and to become an international brand. They want to be part of introducing the beauty of Morocco worldwide.

Statement pieces are timeless. Everyone should have them in their closet because they identify with individuality. Bazardage is one of the brands encouraging people to have style by assuming their own fashion identity.

Generally, a jacket is a desirable garment that attracts people from different styles and generations, and a denim one gains more attention. Denim Jackets are the principal choice to use as a mobile canvas. The fabric is not tearing apart easily, is available in many colors, and is practical for daily wear.
Yasmine and Hanane chose such fabric so the paintings don’t wash off. They also recommend cold water and hand washing only, no washing machine to preserve the artwork on clothes.

Most paintings at the back of Bazardage jackets portray Moroccan culture because they reflect Yasmine and Hanane’s leading inspiration.
A Bazardage jacket has a lot of success among Moroccans, especially those who live abroad. A non-heavy piece to carry around everywhere reminds them of their country.

Yasmine and Hanane have the will to contribute to upgrading Morocco’s social welfare through Bazardage by investing in more projections abroad. Presenting their brand at numerous events and occasions will automatically attract investors from different countries to visit Morocco, on that account, boosting tourism and developing job opportunities in all fields.


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