Hello Classy People, 

A revolutionary concept launches in Morocco, and people rejoice. Petbook is a polyvalent animal service that specializes in matching animals to mate.

It all began with Ismail taking action after understanding that his dog was in heat, so he started communicating with dog owners on social media for a match but hasn’t found a satisfying response. 

Therefore, he decided to establish PETBOOK!

Unfortunately, some Moroccans don’t take animals seriously. They are not aware of how to treat them, especially in their vulnerable state. We see individuals throwing stones at animals and crashing them with cars. Hence, such a type of people messes up Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: « Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. » 

On the other hand, doers of good, feed animals in the street and shelter them from cold and rain to find them a refuge, so we have the strength to spread awareness in our Moroccan society. 

Moroccans are more open to adopting an animal because it feeds their self-esteem, teaches them responsibility, and helps them with their anxiety. Meanwhile, the animal is happy to belong to a safe home full of love. Ismail adds that an adopted animal will love unconditionally without judging and will always be there waiting for you to return home.

The general trend is cat adoption, as there are some Moroccans who are reluctant to approach or adopt a dog concerning religion, phobia, or allergy. Dogs in Morocco are desirable if they are small. People prefer to adopt them in apartments which is practical and affordable.

Taking care of an animal means caring for its needs, so people are well replying to PETBOOK. Each person feels an instant relief knowing the existence of such a concept, especially when Moroccan vets, in their majority, advise owners to sterilize their pets.
Petbook’s point of view is the right of each species alive on earth to mate and perpetuate its race unless there is a danger for itself or others.

From all the romantic stories at PETBOOK, we have a match made in heaven, the story of two dog owners contacting Petbook on the same day! From that moment, it was an undoubtful match because of the degree of their perfect compatibility after comparing their info. They got in touch, and it turned out that the dogs met long before the existence of Petbook but were unable to mate. Meeting one another this time was meant to be because they mate successfully.

Once the female animal gives birth, custody of the babies goes to both owners or one of them on the terms that they are qualified, or Petbook intervenes in case of abandonment.

Petbook expresses tremendous gratitude to animal associations. Ismail says they never stop helping and saving street animals in distress and the ones abandoned by their owners because of illness or other reasons.

As an ultimate wish, Petbook joins its hope to other notions linked with animal love requesting the Moroccan government to establish strong laws against animal abuse, raising public awareness on how to treat animals, carrying out mass vaccination campaigns for street animals, building more sanctuaries, setting up secure places dedicated to pets (playground, promenade, spaces of meet).

Ismail comments that an animal is a soul, so we must take care of it, and we must not forget that animals were present on earth before humans.



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