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Rabat, the capital of Morocco, might have the reputation of being an administrative city with no fun, but it is one of the top animated destinations.
Despite its formal appearance, Rabat offers a Moroccan side that you can’t find in Marrakech or Chefchaouen.
Away from private properties, here are the must-visit sites you can’t miss while present in Rabat.

The national zoological park was launched in the ’70s, situated between Rabat and Temera. It is a place to spend an entire day, introduces animals and reptiles from different parts of Africa, many food stands, and a shop for souvenirs.
Indoor and outdoor museums are an additional blast to the zoo, so don’t hesitate to book a zoo taxi to experience the entire adventure.

Rabat city center has two sides to explore.
The traditional one, discovering Moroccan architecture, the souk, and street food from the Kasbah of the Oudayas to Bab El Had.
The modern one, Mohammed V Avenue, where is the Parliament Of Morocco, and the chance to walk between palm trees and pigeons.

The Mausoleum of Mohammed V & HASSAN TOWER

The preservation of the Moroccan identity is one of the strongest pillars of the Royal Family, so it’s meaningful to see it through where the tombs of the Moroccan king Mohammed V and his two sons, late King Hassan II, and Prince Abdellah.
Across from the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, you will find Hassan Tower, a historical site of Rabat, and discover the unfinished tour of a mosque in the middle of a large square.


Rabat is also known as the intellectual city of Morocco, so buying books and visiting museums can only be a faithful move toward an authentic visit.

  • Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Museum of History and Civilizations
  • Morocco National Classical Auto Museum
  • Bank Al Maghrib Museum
  • National Craft Museum
  • Barid Al-Maghrib Museum
  • The National Photography Museum


Rabat has tremendously invested in its green areas during the past decades. To be in the shoes of a local is to walk, run, or sit to enjoy one of the following addresses.

  • Andalusian Gardens
  • Hassan II Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • The Green Belt
  • Nouzhat Hassan Garden
  • Urban Forest Ibn Sina, also known as The Hilton Park
  • The Exotic Gardens Of Bouknadel



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