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He has just started to work on one of his dreams when the Coronavirus situation has appeared.
Saad is a Moroccan Vlogger who has been living in Senegal for many years, which helped him realize his appetite for traveling and discovering new cultures.

Born and raised in Morocco, Saad explains that traveling made him a better person, more fluent, and more open to what surrounds him.
He learned about opening to other cultures, being more tolerant, and understanding peace and love.
Saad felt as the ambassador of Moroccan culture whenever he went to a foreign country by attracting foreigners to visit Morocco, which is a valuable sensation.



Traveling is a passion that makes Saad feel free while discovering other mentalities. He chose to vlog about it because he loves the fact of sharing actual moments with people, helping others to find new knowledge, and improving himself on creative digital content.

Saad’s concept is not much different than other traveling Vloggers, but he does have a useful plus that makes him distinctive. He shares the budget of his trip, the link of the hotels, and an objective review about the addresses.



Looking back at his planning, he was supposed to be in Turkey right now shooting a new vlog, but he found himself in lockdown, in Morocco.
Destiney drove Saad towards a quarantine in his native country, where he was only planning to spend a quick vacation before heading to the road again.

« I get the chance to improve my learning about editing. I have the time to watch a lot of tutorials and to be prepared to produce better quality in my videos. » Says Saad.


His thoughts are with those who have caught the Coronavirus virus and wish them recovery. The current situation has pushed Saad to stay home which makes it very difficult for him to plan his next trip.

« I would like to visit the Philippines, the country of 1000 contrasts.
I’m attracted to Nature, the islands, the corral bleu sea, and the Asian culture. I also want to discover the reputation of its citizens: people have told me that they are friendly and honest. » Tells Saad.

We asked about the top five essentials of Saad’s traveling bag, so he was thrilled to share the information.

-Passeport and credit card.
– Cameras and their accessories.
– Laptop.
– Some clothes.

« Don’t be shy while following your dreams.
Learn from your mistakes by determining how to listen to constructive criticism. Go straight ahead and never give up. »

Saâd Ezzine



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