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He is known as an architect, but if you know him personally you will definitely know him for being a sports lover. Othman has always wanted to set an example within his family, so he grew up taking care of himself by working out and taking part in different wellness activities.

“ I have nephews who look up to me, I will hopefully have my kids who will do the same thing so I must help them think that dreaming big and reaching big achievements is possible!”, said Othman.


Othman enjoyed working out at home, at the gym and also practicing different sports such as surf. It is only when he moved to Ukraine when he started focusing on marathons. He explained that his choice is related to his thoughts about life because a marathoner learns wisdom on the way to live! We shall always move on in life without caring about the speed.

“I also considerate it as a therapy, I always find new ideas and new friends while practicing”, added Othman.


He also talked about his love towards challenges and difficulties, because he enjoys the process more than the final results. Othman finds his satisfaction practicing in -11 °C or during late nights when everybody is sleeping. These moments are the memories he cherishes the most!

Othman’s best Marathon record is 3.31.46, he is willing to do better in his future opportunities. He has raised the Moroccan flag in Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey, and soon in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Many young people start following Othman’s journey on social media, so here is what he wants to say: “Enjoy practice, so you can enjoy the competition. Train smartly, not hardly! Find a minimum of 5 things that motivate you to keep going. Never give up, stay focus and keep smiling.”



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