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There are a lot of speculations about the Fashion industry in Morocco, especially about Models!

Social Media in general and Instagram, in particular, gives the opportunity to many undeserving profiles to hold titles they never earned! The public is lost between the real and the fake, therefore entitled profiles gain followers and a place under the spotlights.

Many are to be blamed, but the media deserves the harshest punishments! Each TV, radio, Magazine and digital channels that chooses to turn the camera towards profiles who only know the word “Model” from their Instagram BIO.

Modeling is a serious job with many hours of practice and dedication! It’s not about posing with different clothes, it’s about attitude during the pose.

It can only be AMAZING if the Fashion industry in Morocco is well organized! We can seriously have an important number of profiles working as MODELS, and we could offer Moroccan Models great projects so they don’t really have to travel outside the country to find them!

Classy Addiction is all about providing unique content and celebrating hardworking profiles, and today we are cheering for these amazing MOROCCAN MODELS!



Winner of MISSION FASHION 2007 (LBC TV), Amina is a face who led many Moroccan Magazines visual content by wearing the Caftan. She is extremely professional in her choices and silent in her work. She has been called to do many international campaigns including the jewelry brand CARTIER.




THIS GIRL SHOULD BE ON THE COVER OF VOGUE MAGAZINE! This is because she has already appeared on ELLE, L’OFFICIEL, HARPER’S BAZAAR… She has walked for international designers and the Fashion industry sees a SUPERMODEL in her.




Winner of ELITE MODEL Look in 2011, Rania valued the opportunity she was given and understood how to work her way up! She is now a Model who signed with an agency in LA, California which shows the beginning of a solid Modeling career.



Imaan Hammam

Already on the covers of several VOGUE Magazines, Imaan was majorly discovered in 2016! She invested a huge part of her time in herself and was very dedicated to her fashion shows and campaigns. This girl is loved by many in the Fashion industry, so they are predicting that her name will grow and mark the field like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford …



She is one of the best Moroccan Models! She clearly has chosen another path for her professional career but the Fashion industry shall remember this profile as one of its brightest. Kaoutar walked elegantly several Fashion runways for years then stopped, but she is still doing campaigns like her latest for L’OREAL PARIS.




PHOTOS CREDIT ( All visuals are from Instagram/ A direct link is connected to each name above )


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