Greetings Classy People,

Moroccans are no longer hanging out in the souks looking for a « Honda » and strong arm when planning to move their furniture from one address to another. Moroccans want practical solutions to organize moving in a click away and without abuse, whether in price or the quality of the operation.
A moving company offers complete services to save time for individuals or enterprises and satisfy them in the best possible ways.

K Déménagement might sound like one name among many, but my personal experience with them will effortlessly help you place them on the top.
K Démenagement is the association between two entrepreneurs: one’s specialty is in trade and logistics and the other in communication and digital marketing.
The founders identified a need in Morocco regarding the field of moving whenever they had to experience it for personal or professional purposes, so they combined skills in creating a moving company with fitting services.
The founders of K Déménagement imagined a logo with a Kangaroo because, in its nature, this animal carries his babies with protection and benevolence, and it exactly fits the chore of their business.

Worshiping security and customer service is sacred for K Déménagement because all other moving companies know more or less how to do the basics.
Moroccans and foreigners in Morocco appreciate dealing with professionals, especially the ones who manage value for money.
The founders explain that contrary to several western countries, the price is not changing according to a particular season but by the expense of diesel fuel.

Taking our conversation to a social aspect, the founders describe that Moroccans begin to move away from big metropolia for nearby places, but that does not prevent Moroccans from moving within the same city since many conserve the attachment to where they were born or have a family.
K Déménagement is always good to go, especially when the costumes are ready, which means packing personal items well in advance, clearing the circulation passages between the boxes, and informing the company of any complicated object to install and assemble, or program.
Then let go and rest because if the customer has called K Déménagement, it is for a comfortable moving.

Last but not least, the working conditions of K Déménagement teams are a priority. Apart from their official employees, the company continuously trains people for free in the profession to develop their personal and professional skills, so they gain independence wherever they go.


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