Greetings Classy People,

Leaving Canada to move to Morocco is not a regular decision among Canadians, but Christine has taken it and is not ready to give it up.
The change happened in 2019 when Christine came on a healing journey to the south of Morocco. She never felt connected to the city she grew up in, so this is the start of searching for a spot on earth with the potential to feel good.
After unlimited emotional echoes about Morocco, Christine traveled overseas to explore her new life-changing decision. She felt a sense of peace being far from Canada, and after spending years in Morocco, she found the need to create a meaningful project. Christine wanted to create a concept serving her well-being along with benefitting others.

Giving a safe and supportive atmosphere to creators and entrepreneurs while they are working on shaping their ideas into projects became a priority for her.
After touring several spots in the south of Morocco, she laid eyes on Tamghart.
Tamraght is a small village beside the ocean, a destination that attracts surfers, photographers, and peaceful souls. The spot is in the right amount of distance away from Agadir.
Tamraght neighborhoods are unique with their slow living, laid-back vibes, and beauty.
Creating a place where people are not stuck to their closed-off tables will naturally encourage them to talk to each other, and a minimalist structure will help their mental clarity because a simplified decoration can enhance concentration and productivity. Building a place that is neither labeled as a coworking nor a café, an address known for helping creativity, sharing knowledge, and networking to elevate one another.

Christine’s desires were crystal clear!
The professional experience she gained in Morocco while organizing a Sunday pop-up market called Coolshe (Koulshi+She) Market to highlight women-owned brands and businesses helped her to observe that the event might not be busy in sales but alive in the social aspect.
The social aspect is a Moroccan treasure that Christine wanted to embody into a frame, so she gave birth to HEY YALLAH!

A Yallah! is a positive Moroccan expression meaning Hey Let’s Go! Hearing it a lot, Christine wanted to name her project something fun and easy to remember.
A beverage is historically and psychologically known as the phenomenal conversation opener and the magic tool for social rapprochement, so coffee became HEY YALLAH’s essence.

The choice of coffee over other beverages is personal. Drinking coffee is Christine’s first action before starting the day. It lifts her mood and adds a friendly interaction when socializing and fueling busy days.
Most people coming to HEY YALLAH have also adopted such a habit, so Christine partnered with a roaster in Marrakesh called Bloom. She tasted all their savors, and wanted to include Honduras as the HEY YALLAH coffee signature. It is 100% Arabica coffee roasted in Marrakesh, owning flavors of dark chocolate and almonds.

The success of Coolshe assisted Christine in organizing such events within HEY YALLAH. The platform that helps creators and entrepreneurs working during the week happens to showcase their results through weekend workshops and markets.
Providing a space for Moroccan brands, artists, and entrepreneurs to spotlight their initiatives through pop-up markets and workshops is Christine’s ability to give back to Morocco.

HEY YALLAH is consistently hosting a market every Sunday, Coolshe Market and Market Daze, alternating so that the girls have their Sunday to themselves, then the following weekend is mixed. Creators must have handmade their brand, items, and products or upcycled and curated their collection uniquely. In other words, HEY YALLAH doesn’t promote brands that buy and resell.
HEY YALLAH schedules two workshops on Saturdays, always open to hearing different workshop ideas, Jewelry making, pottery, cooking, painting, working with art, and even learning how to DJ.

Through HEY YALLAH events, the clientele is a mix of locals and tourists. Christine heard from many customers that they enjoy the markets and workshops compared with regular days because they meet more new international friends.


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