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People from different countries consider Indian cuisine one of the yummiest and healthiest due to the use of spices and herbs.
Mother nature has created all spices and herbs with specific healing or health-boosting characteristics, so Indian nutrition uses it all.

Moroccans have always tied a link to India from the cinema industry. Indian movie popularity vibrating in Morocco since the 60s, which encouraged many Indians to invest in Morocco by mainly opening businesses related to food.
Food has nearly the same effect as films when representing a culture, so Shafique Ahmed and Vikram Singh shake hands to open CLAY OVEN.

Choosing the restaurant’s name was tricky because they wanted it to be fancy and kitchen related. The Indian cooking style is an oven made with Yellow Clay, so CLAY OVEN was the perfect final decision.

The founders are focused on the quality of ingredients and raw materials to give the best experience to their esteemed clients. All the restaurant’s spices are from premium manufacturers from India, and their kitchen team is constantly working on new dishes.

Clay Oven often hosts Bollywood musical events, live music, food tastings, and special events to keep clients engaged.
An Indian restaurant in Morocco is the direct association with Bollywood, so the founders organize themed musical events regularly.

Shafique and Vikram explain that they have had great support from Moroccans since the start of Clay Oven. Moroccan cuisine is also very rich in spices, so most Moroccans are open to Indian food.
Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and sometimes with Freshly made Indian loaves of bread are the top ordered meals. People love the aroma of these dishes and their very peculiar taste, which gives a feel of spices and mildness in one bite.

Clay Oven restaurants are in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and probably in more Moroccan cities in the future. This address has established itself as a symbol of high society through its interior decoration, the quality of its menu, and service to the point people dress smartly to have a meal there.

Clay Oven believes in sharing and caring, so Shafique and Vikram define the need for acts of kindness when benefitting from any country, where the participation in social work in Morocco through some of the non-governmental organizations functioning in the field of empowering women and shelter for the less privileged financially.
During the pandemic, Clay Oven’s team worked very closely with a few NGOs to provide homeless people with the necessities for a decent living.


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