Greetings Classy People,

« Your last name is Zaimi, man! It sounds too old for you. I’ll call you Zaamom ». says Mehdi to Youssef.

Years went by, and Youssef became an adult in Morocco.
Finding a job is one fundamental factor of adulthood. Therefore, instead of looking everywhere, Youssef chooses to explore within himself.
Art is giving life to anything. Grafitti gives life to walls, paintings give life to spaces, and designs give life to fabric.
Knowing the value of his talent, he decides to introduce his art to the public and make a living out of it.

An artist always stuns a society. People rarely feel indifferent when discovering artwork. The beginning was challenging. It took him time to find his path, his network, and his audience.
Youssef presenting something different to minds used to routine thoughts was not evident, but it was worth the attempt.

People who had an eye for Youssef’s art were a strict minority. He gradually became popular by honoring his engagements with the few projects from the strict minority.
The wonder about Youssef’s artwork began once people started to pass by walls with his graffiti or a caricature on a hoodie.
Exhibiting his artwork on different platforms enabled him to receive several demands and sign more projects.

Youssef felt the time to have a name as distinct as his artwork.
Colors and draws are a great reminder of childhood, so Youssef has an undoubtful desire to introduce himself as ZAAMOM.

Today, ZAAMOM is his name, his signature, and the name of his brand. His dedication never allowed him to be out of inspiration. Youssef believes that producing artwork every day is a discipline. Mastering diverse arts benefits him to hold a versatile energy, keeping him from a monotonous routine.

ZAAMOM is a pure innovation in art. Whoever sees his work doesn’t need to check out the signature to recognize it is him.

The fruit of years of commitment to elevating his work was signing significant projects, such as illustrating surfboards for Jeff Hubbard.

Contributing to social work is one of ZAAMOM’s priorities. Whether it is communicating his knowledge in official workshops organized by the Moroccan government or private actions, Youssef believes that sharing is caring.


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