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The world of photography has known a decrease in value when social media start becoming a reference for Artwork. It started softly years ago when individuals were sharing their pictures privately, but then some started owning confidence to entitle themselves as photographers and demand money for their services.

Marrakech is one heaven land for these kinds of photographers. The city is a ready set because there is nearly no effort to be made when it comes to decoration, good lighting, and compositions.
Outdoor photography has never been easy for anyone. Serving shots on a silver plate, therefore, Marrakech photographs are only one click away from any lens.



The wave of neutral colors and minimalism has been hitting hard many artistic fields since 2016, and photography is no spare.
It is another bonus to make Marrakech photographs more accessible and effortless.

Classy Addiction has gathered the ultimate guidelines to obtain whatever results you have seen on social media concerning Marrakech photography, so embrace them by applying them because who knows?
You might be the next approved social media photographer.



Minimalism photography is about aerating the space from interlaced objects. Make sure your lens obtains a maximum of three objects, so your photograph does not seem loaded.


The most uncomplicated palette of any artwork comes from minimalism.
All you have to do while looking through your lens is to spot the dominant color, and then look around to determine where its shades are consolidating.
The most common color palette in Marrakech minimalism photography is Ohcer, Red, Soft Pink, and white.



As bright as possible.
Marrakech is famous for its sun and the lack of shadow, so you want to reflect that in your photographs.
Make sure the sun stays behind you while capturing a shot or wait until it sets to obtain the typical orange-gold desert ambiance.



From the few details presented in the minimalism photography, palm trees and its shadows are what make Marrakech photography distinguished.
So you might want to add them as a signature.



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