Hello Classy People, 

In a world where women are more and more embracing their feminity by relying on filters, it became so easy to spot a lady.

The refined lady who everyone doubts her existence nowadays is still part of this world.

A lady is a woman with class and elegance in her presence, her walk, and her talk. She doesn’t only attract men, but everyone around her because she is a magnet of beauty.

Classy Addiction is sharing five clues to not feel any confusion regarding recognizing a lady in your environment.

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn by Irving Penn, Morocco. Vogue, April 1952

A lady doesn’t principally rely on fillers, botox, or any fake physical detail to boost her confidence. She works on her intellect and manners as her most stimulating weapons of self-confidence, along with eating healthy and exercising.
A lady is more to building her confidence by gaining knowledge and discovering new expertise than being wrapped into expensive garments.


Painter : Stanislav V. Plutenko

A lady is not careless and lazy. She would travel overseas for an apology and wake up early to iron her clothes.
She doesn’t appear in front of anyone unpresentable because she respects herself and others.


Painter : Frantz Charlet

A lady doesn’t curse or say any vulgar word.
She doesn’t mix humor and sarcasm with cheap vocabulary because she believes it opens unpleasant doors.
A lady would not jump into a conversation randomly and would never interrupt when somebody is talking.
She knows when, where, how, and with whom to talk because she doesn’t tend to lose her time of verbal communication unworthily.


A lady would never eavesdrop and would withdraw and immediately apologizes if she finds herself in such a situation by coincidence.
She knows how to use her body and her senses, so her hands would not hang out in somebody’s belongings.
A lady is aware of her body posture, whether she is busy or resting. Her gestures and body language looks like a choreography.


Courtesy : Rudolf Lehnert

A lady would cook for her man without thinking it’s diminishing and would consult him regarding her personal decisions out of respect.
She is a natural provider who would lead love and peace at home as the essence of each member’s serenity.
She takes care of everyone in her family including herself because she is the strongest emotional pillar.






COVER : Alan Keohane


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