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Historically, Moroccans have always had a special relationship with animals, which became lost in cities compared to rural areas.
Dr. Zineb Bennani thinks it’s positively changing because of the constant increase in pet adoption.
The lockdown due to the epidemic has brought out the need to be in contact with animals! The demand for more sophisticated veterinary medicine is also improving, so Zineb is encouraged to evolve her knowledge, training, and means.

Zineb Bennani, the veterinarian behind SOS VET, is the name echoing at every pet’s home in Rabat and its regions.
People appreciate SOS VET very much because it saves them the move to the clinic, which constitutes a source of stress.
Visiting the animal in its living environment allows the veterinarian to learn more detailed ideas, which provide comprehensive support.
In-home consultation, the pet owner feels more comfortable, which gives a better veto-pet owner relationship quality. Therefore, a positive impact on the care of sick animals.

Companion animals are social beings that interact with their environments, including humans, explains Zineb while digging more into the topic. They can suffer from an anxiety disorder, a depressive disorder, eating conduct, or a lack of affection.
Adopting an animal is a responsibility. It becomes a family member, and we should adapt to its needs all the time in all circumstances. Otherwise, it risks developing psychic disorders.
Zineb considers any animal’s mental health a reflection of people’s mental health. Animals interact with suffering, sadness, and joy.

The most fascinating facts about domestic animals are their sensitivity, intelligence, and affection for the humans who take care of them.
« Being in contact with animals is a blessing of God. They teach us many values, ​​including patience, sacrifice, and loyalty, » says Zineb.

Ever since Zineb was little, she has always had a devotion to biology and animal science, so her passion steered towards the choice of veterinary medicine and the profession of a practicing veterinarian towards the chance to be in contact with animals to feel the joy when relieving their suffering.
During her internships, Zineb noticed a lack of veterinary emergency services in Morocco, especially during the epidemic. As result, she launches a new service specializing in-home consultations and 24 hours veterinary emergencies.

Zineb’s working ethics and love for her profession made people consider her the most satisfactory veterinarian in Rabat and its regions. She would always share pieces of advice to people adopting pets by respecting the basics, and a minimum knowledge of food and hygiene according to the species. Subsequently, a regular medical follow-up concerning the indications of the veterinarian to avoid complications. For example, deworming and vaccination are essential for cats and dogs in Moroccan homes to protect them from potential diseases when interacting with stray animals.

Zineb wishes that one day Morocco owns a definitive solution for stray animals. It hurts her heart to see them suffer in the street. We must find a solution for eradicating rabies which is still a major public health problem. As well, she hopes for the integration of animal love into the Moroccan education system, learning from a young age to respect animals and to learn from them. Each animal is a school that teaches us many things in life.

Being a pet owner herself, Zineb feels the most emotional when she has to euthanize an animal after having tried all means of treatment. On the other hand, she is very touched when her emergency intervention saves the life of an animal as in the case of intoxication or an intense allergy crisis for example.


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