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Diouri Art began centuries ago on the silk road. Imane’s ancestors have been trading rugs on camels for centuries. Although she grew up in Paris, the cultural spirit of her lineage never left. Her parents had Moroccan art all over their home while growing up, so she wants to express her passion for Moroccan artistry by keeping her familial heritage alive.
Diouri’s family history of selling goods is significant to Imane. Therefore she decided to live in Morocco for five years to absorb the authentic feelings of everything she learned while growing up.
Following her family’s heritage, she has decided to introduce her artistic fortune to a new land. Choosing the United States as a destination to expand the family’s business is courage blended with love.

Imane moves to Los Angeles and realizes that Moroccan art is not well known as in some European countries like France and Spain.
She is proud of her origins and wants to tell every person in America that Morocco makes a lot of beautiful handcrafted items that will bless their interiors.

Diouri Art stands for beauty, pride, heritage, empowerment, human rights, integrity, inspiration, and freedom. Imane mentions that there are so many disparities in the world which drives her to help women in Morocco grow as they wish to have the aspiring life they desire.
Contributing to social development in Morocco is so necessary for Imane. Being the decedent of handcrafters, she knows the value of such artists.
Imane is not having handcrafters as employees but as partners. She wants them independent and uplifted financially by offering them a consistent number of deals throughout the year.
Imane provides Moroccan handcrafters with every essential tool that fulfills their professional satisfaction.
She builds upon the topic by adding: « Women weavers who handcraft Berber rugs in Morocco use such mindblowing techniques taught for generations. »

Sitting, helping, and talking to each handcrafter reminds Imane of a grandmother and a grandfather.
Diouri Art’s rugs are one side of many interior furniture. They are natural organic wool with plant and spice-based dyes, chemical and preservative-free.
America solicits environment-friendly and handmade products, so Americans recognize beauty and perfection in Diouri Art, from the colors and shapes to the designs.
Americans are intrigued by Morocco. They love the vibe, the bright colors, the exotic aesthetic, and the effort behind each Amazigh rug which takes from one to six months to make.

« Like my great ancestors, I will be working night and day to expose Moroccan art in the United States. Although I won’t be riding a camel, but I’m doing everything I can to spread the beauty of Moroccan artistry ».

Imane Diouri


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