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Natural products sound more like a marketing label nowadays than a representation of ethics. Brands want to attract the majority, who are consumers orienting themselves towards healthy ingredients.
Taking the time to read the list of ingredients became an effortless habit, so brands are competing using magical words on their front covers such as Sulfate-Free, Natural Fragrance, and more.

BELDI SKIN is not one of these brands taking advantage of such vocabulary to attract consumers, but a home made cosmetic brand born from a real natural environment.

Zineb Bennouna, the founder of Beldi Skin, has been working in fast-moving consumer goods for ten years, then realizes that all cosmetic brands’ ingredients are unhealthy with side effects. She changed her way of consuming to clean and extended her life changes to giving up her job out of ethical convictions.

Beldi Skin’s ingredients are collected by responsible suppliers and used in each formula for a specific purpose, plus preserved with a conservative authorized by clean cosmetics norms. Zineb states that her products are qualified on the market because she uses high-quality combinations of elements inspired by the Moroccan grandmother’s beauty routine.

Speaking of beauty routine, Moroccans praise healthy lashes and brows. Beldi Skin’s best seller is the Volume Maximizer!
Zineb points out the product’s price, which is 75MAD, thus making it affordable compared to other products with the same function.
Rich in vitamin E, avocado, and castor oils, this 100% natural serum is perfect for strengthening eyelashes & eyebrows. It remarkably reduces hair loss.



Zineb finds it significant for Beldi Skin to contribute to recyclable actions using refillable packaging for its products and notices that Moroccans are more aware of the side effects of non-natural cosmetics, so they fluidly accept organic products now.


Dermatologists must play a role in orienting people away from drugstore products, but the reason they stay out of such ethical duty is money.
Following this topic, Zineb’s thoughts on Beldi Skin products not being prescribed in a dermatologist’s notice is because of the powerful lobby in the pharmaceutical industry. Paying dermatologists to promote products is not something she can financially or morally afford.

Many beauty brands that promote natural ingredients are emerging on the surface in Morocco, but be aware that not all of them are authentic to their description. From using fake Argan oil to harmful chemicals under the title bio, it’s necessary to read the ingredients before buying.



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