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A noticeable detail has been decorating Moroccan tables on special occasions since the end of the lockdown. Guests of weddings and baby showers have been tasting special chocolate and introduced to a new concept created by Asma Sabiq in Morocco.


DIVINSHKA has emerged from divinity and Devushka, which means a young woman in Russian.
Asma has studied the know-how of a Russian brand for the past few years until opening the first chocolate factory concept in Morocco, coming directly from Moscow and specializing in fruits wrapped in chocolate.
Russian chocolate is new for Moroccans because it’s different than the usual available on the market, so they started consuming it out of curiosity after the opening of DIVINSHKA in 2018.

Asma explains the authenticity of her brand by mainly using ingredients from Slavic countries. She wants people to experience a unique sensorial taste of a sweet dessert besides taking care of their health by trying recipes made of fruits and no sugar added.


Divinshka stood out during several Moroccan ceremonies because it creates fabulous bouquets of chocolate and flowers completed by Moroccan artisans.
The availability of all colors and sizes makes clients dream, including Russian, who couldn’t suppress their satisfaction.

This Russian chocolate factory is also becoming one of the trendiest destinations for buying gifts. People love the chocolate-covered fruit bouquet in all its shapes, the alphabet chocolate boxes, and the breakable hearts accompanied by their mini hammers.

As much as she is mindful that people from different cities and countries welcome Divinshka with enormous desire, Asma wants to take her time before expanding to maintain impeccable quality within the network.
The existence of Divinshka in Casablanca and Rabat within four years in the face of the pandemic challenges was a heated journey, so Asma is currently concentrating her energy on research and development by not planning to launch in other cities soon.
Divinshka is currently in full expansion, and new changes will be announced soon in the main store in Casablanca.


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