Greetings Classy People,

Sofia El Arabi is one of the first Moroccan bloggers to provide written Moroccan content.
Collaborating with Joseph Ouechen, one of the greatest photographers of Casablanca, they used to create prominent blog posts.

Years later, she has decided to focus her entire time on her label BAKCHIC.
To not break the bond with her followers, Sofia continues to be active on social media, especially on Instagram, where she displays visual Moroccan content.

Her content is aesthetically desirable and represents the beauty of Morocco.

Sofia’s investments over the years, and her devotion helps her to manage the current situation concerning the lockdown and the Coronavirus.

How are you doing?

I’m fine. Thank you for asking. I’m in a kind of lockdown routine but in a very healthy and sporty way. I’m happy about that. I actually LOVE IT.

What are the first thoughts crossing your mind when Morocco announced an emergency state lockdown?

I’m able to adapt very quickly to each situation, so when they announced it, I went to the supermarket and did some groceries. I was prepared to stay at home.

Morocco has been a precursor in its fight against the virus, and the preservation of human lives. If humans stay at home, Wildlife will come back and the earth will finally reset a little bit.

Do you, today, still have the same priorities as before the Coronavirus situation?

Nothing has changed in my life. I mean, I work from home, I am dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, producing one of a kind pieces with an ethical consciousness, I sell online and all the people who work for Bakchic are also working from their homes so, yes, the rhythm of production is very slow but quarantine has increased my envy to continue this mission to approach Fashion ethically and transparently that considers both people and the planet.

What are your new rituals due to the current situation?

More sport, pilates, and yoga. I started meditation which was something very weird for me. Healthy food, a lot of face gym, face mask, hair mask, no makeup, some vitamin D, a lot of curcumin in my food.

How would you describe this year’s Ramadan?

Ramadan is very bizarre this year because we are used to going out after Ftour to have a cup of coffee and socialize. In Morocco right now, we are not allowed to go out after 6 pm so I can’t even imagine how it can be hard to stay confined in small spaces.
The country adapts to this situation. I hope that this will bring more humanization, solidarity, unification, and kindness. People spend less money on food, maybe it is for the best.

Four things you have learned from the Coronavirus situation?

Taking time to learn more about myself.
Doing things that makes me happy.
Being kind.
Helping those in need.

Did the lockdown affect your business?

The first month of lockdown was hard, yes. Even me, I didn’t want to buy anything online, everybody was still in shock. But after that, I had an increase in sales compared to the same period last year.

What are the three points helping you to stay on track regarding your work?

I’ve never really communicated about my ethical consciousness before so I’ve decided that this is the moment to do it because people are now aware of this more than ever.
We create economic opportunities for people, especially women, to provide for themselves and maintain ethical production practices at every step of the process.
Customers want to know that. They need transparency, creativity, and simplicity. But more than ever they need to DREAM through
what we are offering as a product or service.

How are you handling the lockdown situation concerning your family?

I live with my sister. Everything is fine.

What are your thoughts on the world’s reactions to the coronavirus situation?

I’m afraid that people came back quickly to their old habits.

I pray that they don’t. One day we will be better people, more responsible in our attitudes toward nature, animals, pollution…

What is the first thing you want to do after the lockdown?

Borders will still be closed with the world and maybe still closed between each city, so I don’t know…
I’ll Drive very far from Casablanca. I need to see the sea. I miss my friends.


If you need any tips concerning Morocco I’m happy to help. Stay Safe.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you so much for this interview and your interest in my work.


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