He grew up desiring to create a project related to his environment. Lahcen wanted to be professionally active regarding Moroccan identity. Growing up in Amazigh culture, he learned many aspects of artistic tradition. He feels a profound love for Moroccan craftsmanship, which set his mind on launching ITRAN & IGRAN ART.

Itran, meaning STAR, and Igran, meaning FIELD, symbolize celestial beauty and grounded richness in Morocco.
Each piece by ITRAN & IGRAN ART is a shining star or a fertile field.

Producing Moroccan craftsmanship means working with people feeling the same profound Moroccan love for the heritage.
Lahcen creates ITRAN & IGRAN ART as a cooperative.
Breaking the traditional image of Moroccan cooperatives that we see everywhere, Lahcen adopts a setup to embrace an innovative approach.
He starts by working on a professional graphical chart, obtaining a decent logo, and maintaining an honorable website with exemplary communication on social media.

A cooperative meant elevating Moroccan professional competence to serve as an ambassador of the country.
ITRAN & IGRAN ART contribute to social sustainability.
It provides employment, especially to women whose opportunities are limited by living in enclaved regions.
Their goal is empowering communities and fostering national economic independence. Along with corporates, Lahcen provides weaving tools directly to women, qualifying them to create rugs from the comfort of their homes.

ITRAN & IGRAN ART’s main product is Amazigh Rugs.
The popularity of Moroccan rugs in the world embodies the perfect blend of cultural heritage, skilled craftsmanship, timeless designs, and an inherent connection to the global appreciation for authenticity and individuality in interior design. Also, the variety of designs, from minimalist Beni Ouarain to maximalist Azilal rugs, makes them adaptable to any interior.

The design of each rug involves a laborious process!
It begins with the gentle shearing of sheep, carefully selecting the finest wool fibers. These fibers undergo meticulous carding, ensuring a smooth texture before transformation into yarn through the spinning art.
Vibrant and lasting colors are infused in the dyeing stage, enriching the material. Only then starts the knotting of the rug, where each thread weaves with precision and deep concentration.

Amazigh symbols on rugs like the diamond, wavy lines, and chevron patterns are not just designs. They are pieces of our cultural and spiritual heritage.

The diamond shape represents femininity, fertility, and protection. It is often associated with the concept of motherhood and the life-giving qualities of women. In
Amazigh culture, the diamond shape is believed to bring blessings to the home and its occupants.

The undulating or wavy lines symbolize the flow of water,
rivers, and the life-giving forces of nature. Water holds immense importance in desert cultures like the Amazigh, signifying vitality, fertility, and the sustenance of life. The wavy
lines can represent the meandering paths of rivers, the rhythmic flow of water, and the dynamic forces that nourish the land.

The chevron pattern symbolizes protection and the path of life. It guides and leads individuals along the right path, offering security and direction.
The chevron design is also associated with the mountains, reflecting the Amazigh people’s connection to the rugged landscapes of Morocco.

These interpretations are just a glimpse into the vast symbolic language of Amazigh rugs. Each symbol can hold nuances based on the weaver’s intention and tribal traditions.

An Amazigh rug possesses the incredible ability to infuse warmth and character into a space.
ITRAN & IGRAN ART recommend people choose their rug first and then adapt their furniture because the rug is the central element. It transforms any room into a cozy haven with its warmth.

Sustainability has been present in the Moroccan culture for centuries. Boucharouite rugs are a historical testament to our commitment to sustainability. By upcycling materials, we honor our environment and showcase the resourcefulness of our artisans.

After the Covid pandemic, Moroccans felt the necessity to feel good at home. It’s fascinating how our interiors beautifully blend the past with the present, sometimes Beldi, sometimes modern.
Thanks to social media, the world is watching and wanting a piece of Moroccan beauty.

Lahcen noticed a remarkable appreciation for Moroccan craftsmanship from Europe and The United States. And a new growing interest from Asia for Beni Ouarain minimalist style.

Every Moroccan region has unique products and stories, and they are united in embodying the dedication of skilled artisans, the beauty of handmade creations, and the essence of a cultural heritage passed down through generations.

Preserving Moroccan heritage is a responsibility. Through work, ITRAN & IGRAN ART strive to ensure that the legacy of our culture continues to shine brightly for generations to come.

ITRAN & IGRAN ART include Moroccan pillows, plus poufs, and will soon add ceramics to their repertoire. An exciting evolution that allows them to explore new avenues of creativity inspired by Moroccan artistry. They will never give up blending traditional
techniques and modern design, involving the artisans. So, keep in touch!


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