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In the middle of an era where many Moroccan fashion creators are emerging their brands, the Moroccan consumer questions the products’ prices.
The majority of Moroccan consumers can’t afford the products of Moroccan fashion creators.
Therefore N&N stands out and creates a revolution within the Moroccan fashion community.

The founder of N&N Nadia goals to sell affordable products and constantly share work with Moroccan artisans. She declares that one craftsman represents a family who depends on the brand, so the least she can do is to ensure a stable financial return.
Being too expensive means nothing regarding the quality of the product. Nadia assures that the price is only part of marketing, not the essential component.
N&N is a Moroccan brand that likes heterogeneous clients, so even women who only invest in expensive bags would buy from this one.

Speaking of the Moroccan consumer, Nadia has confidence in the taste of Moroccans, such as the ones following Moroccan digital influencers who have content that highlights Moroccan society. She also adds the importance of national media, such as Classy Addiction, to elevate people’s awareness. Nadia is very optimistic about Moroccan consumers, and she believes they can strengthen the national market.

The particularity of N&N is in creating unique pieces. Nadia can reproduce the same visuals with other materials and colors, whether in leather or velvet because each woman deserves a unique creation.
A bonus to adding above all the inspiring values of N&N is the choice of being a recyclable brand.
As a little girl, Nadia remembers her mother taking her to the tailor and asking if he had scraps of fabric to make clothes for her dolls. She also took Sfifa to use as belts, headbands, and necklaces.
As for N&N, she started by recycling denim pants into bags, collecting thrift clothes from Moroccan cities every month, then washing them before use.
Nothing is to waste while creating in N&N. The scraps make Pom Poms, which are put on the bags or used on notebooks that the brand recently makes. Nadia is an artist, so she effortlessly creates and reuses materials in other products, and it works every time!

Choosing to make bags to enhance any outfit, Nadia gives an example of a look constructed from a pair of jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and sneakers, then request to imagine a bag full of colors.
The visual is not only changed but heightened thanks to an accessory! A bag is an indispensable accessory in addition to uplifting a look.
Nadia admits that some fabrics used by N&N exist in other Moroccan brands’ creations but timidly because they only use black, beige, and brown. N&N dares colors because people need joy in life.
Bags with visuals, colors, and patterns that relate to our culture and enhance Moroccan heritage, in addition to the fabrics, are warmly accepted by women.
Of all the N&N creations, Le Grand Cabas is the bag par excellence that attracts women because it’s aesthetically breathtaking and has a decent room to stuff many items.

Moroccan women can only love a brand known for beauty in its creations, affordability in its prices, and dedication to social work.
Nadia is still working on training women by artisans to help them be financially independent and select to work with cooperatives instead of companies to build professional national assets.
Nadia explains that the social duty of N&N has risen during the pandemic because foreign brands established in Morocco abandoned their Moroccan employees. Hence, another reason to encourage Moroccan brands made in morocco to take over the national market.


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