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One of the most successful projects in Morocco for about a decade now is a coworking space.
Starting from Casablanca to other cities, Moroccans have been in love with an outside space adaptable to their working mood, which is not a café.
The existence of coworking is so influential in Morocco for digital nomads since traveling inside the kingdom doesn’t always cover their needs finding adjustability to work remotely.

A dominant style of coworking spaces in Morocco has always been formal, which means office furniture, whiteboards, and an interior palette of black and white, which automatically only invited women and men with tailored garments.
People began to notice colors and a more relaxed atmosphere when coworking spaces started to open in the south of Morocco.


is an area founded by Dounia and Abdessamad with the intention of both the interior and the people reflecting a mix of different cultures.
The NOQTA Space is in a traditional riad with stucco on the walls, Moroccan tiles, and Tadelakt in the bathroom. The rest of the decoration is a mixture of African fabrics, Moroccan carpets, and European accessories.
Essaouira is the perfect place for NOQTA Space, say the founders, a famous touristic city visited by Moroccans and other Nationalities as remote workers lacking a place to work while traveling. They enjoy their time working in pleasant conditions, such as the weather and the availability of diverse activities.

Expand creatively, professionally, and culturally, where people come together wanting to develop and form a community loving to work, appreciate yoga sessions, surf lessons, language courses, bike tours, and more.
NOQTA Space means the triumph of Dounia after experiencing traveling Morocco with a heart always blossoming when with people who could not be more different. This exchange has come through the cultural differences and the sharing of variousness. Abdessamad carries the same significance through his years of experience in the tourism industry and his stay in Asia.
They complement their skills under the flag of coworking and co-living to connect local people with people of the world.

Being a German of Moroccan descent, Dounia discussed with Abdessamad and had initial talks with a home-based children’s nursing service from Germany (KiKRA Homecare), which is concerned with the vital needs of children in Morocco.
Social work is essential for NOQTA Space, started last year with several iftar evenings in different schools, laying an electricity line for a family and a water line for a school.

NOQTA Space is happiness among people because they are not only paying to enjoy a friendly environment while working or experiencing one of the co-living activities but also contributing to social work in Morocco!


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