Greetings Classy People,

A red Moroccan carpet was unwrapped and settled at the entrance of PLACE EL MINZEH to welcome a queue of guests. The host organizer has arranged a large tent for the evening concerts of the 16th Atlantic Andalusia Festival, and three entrances for better planning: Artists Access, Access B for people with invitations, and Access A for the public.

Neat and tidy was the idea to close the A and B accesses when the chairs in the tent were full, and reopen them when a significant number of people leaves.

Moroccan decoration took over the tent, from the carpet to the chairs and the lanterns. The stage was black with rectangular screens to display Moroccan visuals, and the air smelled like a perfume of orange blossom.


Compañías Leonor Leal opened the evening of the 1st November with exquisite choreographies inspired by the paintings of Julio Romero de Torres. A divine show with incredible musicians and a singer.

The continuity of the evening was by Maestro Omar Metioui, who led Rawafid orchestra to perform pure Andalusian musical moments.

The fusion between Compañías Leonor Leal and Rawafid orchestra at the end of the concert was one cherished moment of the evening. The image of different cultures sitting together and clapping for the same matter is what each eye should witness at least once in a lifetime.

I was very charmed to be present and proud to include such an experience in Classy Addiction.




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