Hello Classy People,

HSHOUMA has been trending since its launching last September, and Zainab Fasiki has been touring all over the world to promote her outstanding work.

From signing books in libraries, meeting fans, and talking to media during her international exhibitions, Zainab has been an ongoing train on separate wagons. She needed to mark her presence at as many cultural buildings as possible all over the world. Therefore, she could discuss her work with various cultural backgrounds.


After 3 months non-stop of a busy schedule, Zainab stopped by MASSOT EDITIONS to learn that her 3000 HSHOUMA copies were sold out, so it’s time for the second round of printing.
It was with a stomach full of butterflies that Zainab affirmed that whatever she is living right now is a proof of hope towards a better Morocco. She added that people who bought her comic book are a confirmation of the existence of open minded people who are willing to contribute to a better society change.

Classy Addiction has indeed been following Zainab Fasiki’s steps, and we are crushing on one of her top moments. The moment in Napoli, Italy! The moment when she left a trace of herself when she painted on murals. Libreria Tamu is behind the action, which we found original, meaningful, and memorable.



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